A content writer is a professional. In this field, the individual creates written material for digital platforms, crafting articles, blogs, and marketing copy. They make these copies by researching, maintaining style, and optimizing SEO content. Content writers have vast opportunities in different sectors to aim and engage with the target audience.

Content Marketing: This work involves making content to promote products, services, brands etc within a specific industry, company or organisation.

Copywriting: There are many opportunities for this role. Make smart and persuasive copies for advertisements, sales pages, marketing materials etc.

Technical Writing: You can also play the role of a technical writer. In this job you have to create documents that explain in brief about the technical information in a clear and concise manner.

Blogging: There are many successful bloggers in the entertainment world. For this job you have to manage your own blog and contribute to others on topics of personal interest or expertise.

Freelancing: There are vast opportunities in freelancing. You can write for other sites, channels etc with esti,mate,d pri ance as per the demand and product.

Social Media Management: There is very vast oareortunities in this field. Everywhere there is social media, whether a news agency, product, or educational organization. You can write and curate content for social media platforms to engage and grow an audience.