INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging) is one of the 16 personality categories specified by a personality inspection called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
Sometimes it is implied to as the “Architect” or the “Strategist,” individuals with INTJ personalities are highly rational, creative, and logical.

Best careers options

1. Computer Programmer

Programming jobs are a nice career option for INTJ personality types. These logical and creative tasks have a powerful focus on design, data, writing, and testing.
INTJ’s tend to be a difficulty solvers, and coding allows for several creative solutions to any problem.

Computer programming also provides INTJs the opportunity to prosper in a work environment that doesn’t force them to be social.

2. Software Engineer

A software engineer is behind every computer program you admire, and this field is a good career option for INTJ personality types.

Software engineers utilize their creativeness to create applications that enable people to accomplish various tasks on their computers, cellphones, tablets, and other equipment. As a software engineer, you build, program, analyze, and try out new software.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

The role of a computer systems analyst interests to INTJs logical behavior and their problem-solving abilities. These roles allow you to study existing computer systems and design solutions to help institutions regulate more efficiently.

These analysts study developing technologies, formulate cost-benefit analyses, establish new functionality to existing computer systems, and many more.

4. Computer Hardware Engineer

INTJs are highly analytic, and their capacity to discover solutions makes them a great fit for several careers. Computer hardware engineers do a ton of tasks that can be a benefit of many of the natural traits INTJs possess.

The career includes research, design, growth, and a great deal of testing. Computer hardware engineers project with processors, circuit boards, routers, and so many more.

5. Technical Writer

The career fits faultlessly with people who appreciate complete autonomy when they work. As technical writers, INTJs can do their work in privacy, and they can even function from home in a freelance responsibility if they prefer.

Being a technical writer needs a high understanding and the capacity to take a complicated idea and simplify it for a larger audience.

6. Computer Scientist

As computer scientists, INTJs can raise their intellectual capabilities to the maximum and be at the lead of technology. Also, while working on their own projects, INTJs can assist people all over the world by enhancing the current state of technology.

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