We are living in a fast paced environment where technologies are being used for more reasons than ever. Today the computer is playing an important role in our lives. Now is the time we cannot imagine the world without computer., where every activity is performed or conducted virtually. Computers have become an integral part of our life. The computer networks these days has powerful impact on the way which individuals and organizations can communicate with each other.

Computers are widespread. It does not matter what type of work you are doing you are likely to use computer. This period is called as the era of IT business, where every applicant is connected with computer technologies. The use of computers can make business transactions very accurate. Many companies have started to depend on computerized technology to get work done. Which is why having computer skills have become increasingly important. Having a basic computer knowledge will put you a step ahead of others. You will have big advantages over those who aren’t computer literate. Its for these specific reasons many schools and organizations encourage candidates to complete basic computer courses. For Example, MSCIT

Computers help speed several tasks such as processing of Data, accounts related work and many more.

Computers serve as good sources of entertainment .one can play games, watch movies, and surf the internet to explore a lot of new things. computers also serve as efficient means for management of information, such as banking, online shopping etc.

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