Gym vs Yoga is always going to be a topic worth debating. Both are the forms of exercises and both have their own benefits. It’s quite tough to choose one over another. Though Yoga provides you flexibility, strength, concentration power and is a form of exercise that is not wearying, it doesn’t lend cardiovascular benefits, which can be gained through gym. Therefore it is necessary that we indulge ourselves in both forms. Combination of both forms can be helpful too. But if you want to choose one here are some benefits derived from each form. You can decide which suits you better.


· Yoga helps shape your entire body. There are Yoga asanas for every body part. For digestion, breathing, periods etc.

· Yoga makes your body flexible. Practicing yoga regularly helps gain a flexible body.

· Yoga uses your own body as weight to tone and strengthen your body through various asana.

· Yoga improves concentration power. Meditation in yoga helps us to be more focused and concentrate

· Yoga brings calmness and peace to your mind. Unlike gym yoga is not harsh on your body.

· Yoga is said to help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

· Yoga can be practiced anywhere, as it requires only small space. And no equipment at all.


· Gym cannot be done at home except for those who can afford a gym at home.

· Gym requires lots of heavy equipment.

· Gym helps you build muscles and help you attain a fit body structure.

· If you want to lose weight you must try gym, weight loss through yoga is quite difficult.

· You do tremendous work in gym and thus burn calories.

· Gym makes you sweat which is a good reason to consume more water and helps flush all the toxins out of your body.

Now that we have seen benefits of both, we can conclude that both are important and provide their own share in staying fit. But if you are already fit and just want to improve your physical and mental health, you should go for yoga. But if you want to shed some extra pounds or you want to build muscles, you must go to gym