· Plan your day the night before

It is important to plan your day a night before because you will be more relaxed and confident about your day as you have everything scheduled and you just need to follow the schedule.

· Organise work-related things

If you have some files or other important work-related things that you must take to the office the next day. Organise them the night before so that you don’t forget the next day and you would have enough time for yourself and won’t need to hurry for work.

· Get a good sleep and wake up early

To be fresh and confident the next day you must get enough sleep. So sleep as early as possible and wake up early in the morning. Waking up early is necessary as you would get enough time to do your morning routine will not require to rush things. After waking up, take a quick shower because the shower in the morning freshens you up and also makes you look clean and tidy.

· Exercise and Breakfast

After waking up and before bath taking20-30 minutes to exercise or go for a run or walk in the nearby park. Exercise is important for your health and keeps you active. After a bath, make sure to have a healthy breakfast, including fruits, eggs etc. in your breakfast. Going empty stomach to the office can show a lack of energy on your face. You can be more efficient at work if you have had enough breakfast.

· Take care of your appearance

Choose your outfit a night before, if you find it difficult to choose your outfit on the spot. Get ready, comb your hair, wear necessary accessories and you are ready to go.

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