With the Covid-19 pandemic making all the eateries around the globe to shut down, it’s anything but difficult to overlook that for billions of individuals, “eating out” signifies only those ready-to-eat tidbits, dinners and drinks arranged by merchants and vendors in roadside trucks and stalls. Many of us miss the special food joints and restaurants where we ate our favourite food items and made so many happy and delighted memories. We may be getting bored of eating the same kind of homemade food and highly tempted to go out and eat at the food stalls with our friends. But even if the lockdown restrictions are lifted in some cities, it is still not safe to eat outside food.

Even if a few months ago people were a little scared about eating out or even going out of their houses during the lockdown period; after the restrictions are getting lifted in some area, almost everyone is looking to cure their hunger with the food they craved for months. Little do they care about how it can be dangerous to them as well as their family members. Not only you are risking yourself to the dangerous coronavirus by going out just to eat your favourite food, but also eating something that is probably good in taste but does not provide nutrients.

Usually, the food we eat outside for food stalls, snack corner or street food trucks, is basically high in carbohydrates, fats and a lot of calories. It may or may not provide you with vitamins and nutrients but it also prepared in unhygienic conditions. To be safe from the coronavirus or stand a chance to deal with it, it is mandatory that we build our inner strength which is our immune system. We cannot expect our immunity to be high if we regularly rely on street food. Even while eating food at home, try to feed more on vegetables and fruits and exercise daily. Pandemic or not, street food is always a risk to our health!!