Breakups are undoubtedly the most painful experience one can go through. Some might argue and say that Dhoni getting run-out and India losing the world cup against New Zealand, was far more heart-breaking than a breakup. But to be practical, when a person goes through a painful breakup, he loses all hope. Negativity starts building up in his mind since all his dreams and promises are shattered into pieces. But every failure teaches you something if you have the right perspective. Breakups can be beneficial to us in many ways. Of course, it is not a good thing that you went through a breakup, but since you have, why not seize the opportunity?

If you are a person who is very innocent and mild, then it is likely that you trust people easily. But once you go through a breakup you start becoming more cautious and build up doubts. This only keeps you away from trusting dishonest people. Once you fall you take every step carefully. Going through a breakup also gives you a chance to improve yourself. If you think that you were the selfish or unfair one in the relationship, it gives you time to enhance yourself and not repeat the same mistakes in the next relationship. So your past relationship will help you make things right in the next one. Remember that during the breakup, if your partner has lost interest in staying with you there is no point in stretching it. Be thankful and feel blessed that this ended now. Imagine facing a breakup after getting engaged or worse, after marriage!!

You now are single again. All things that you weren’t able to do because of being in a relationship, can be done now. You can go to a bar, pick up new friends, talk to your crushes again and so much more. You change yourself back to what you were before this relationship. Staying in a relationship for a long time has also given you an idea of what you hate or like in a partner. This gives you a chance to find your next soulmate accordingly. So, if you think about it, breakups only improve you. All you need is a positive perspective.