With the growing technology, social media, and knowledge, women are taking steps to move forward in their careers actively. In today’s time, most of the women choose to make themselves financially stable and then get married. If you are also looking forward and confused about understanding what to do, Here, check out some in-demand jobs for women in 2024.

1) AI Or Machine Specialists: There is a massive increase in AI jobs across every industry, and roles in AI and machine learning are expanding massively. These include engineers, data scientists, and AI ethicists. However, you need to have a qualified degree in a specific sector and good experience.

2) Healthcare: Earlier in 2020, every industry was stopped, but one thing that was still running was hospitals and pharmaceuticals. So the demand for health has increased. You can work as a nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc. These fields women have already and continue to do so.

3) Content Creator: You can be a content creator. Create your own content in whatever genre you wish and make an impact on society. You can share your content on different platforms like YouTube, social media handles, Facebook, etc.

4) Cybersecurity: In times of growing technology, cyber crimes are also increasing, and so is the demand for cybersecurity, including analysts, consultants, hackers, etc, in different industries.