The branch of science which deals with crime and to prevent crime is Criminology. Criminology is directly related to crime and criminal activities. It is one of the most challenging fields of career, as it includes work related to criminals and criminal activities.

Crimes are rising day by day in several countries. In India, the rate of crime is very high. Criminology can be the best career in such countries where crime is at a high rate because more the rate of crime, the more requirement of jobs related to crime. Several agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other investigation bureaus have been working in this field.

Criminology includes the investigation of crime, finding the reason for the crime, working behind of the case related to crime, the purpose of crime, crime statistics, measures for prevention of crime, learning criminal attitude, and examination of criminal justice agencies, penology, and desistance, and sociology of law and legislation.

Criminology is an arising career in India and abroad. A person who has a degree course or a doctoral certificate is called a criminologist. In India, several detective agencies are appointing and employing experts in criminology.

There is a good career chance in the field of criminology. This field has several proposals for the scientist, criminologist, research assistant, forensic scientist, and detective.

Once you have completed the course and obtained the course completion certificate in this field, you can look for a job in various areas such as Forensic Bureau, police, medical clinics, CBI, Court, FBI, crime labs, private hospitals, prison reforms programs, and many other areas.

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