Bollywood has been a huge medium of entertainment for the people, so whether it is films, songs or raps everything is really very entertaining. Bollywood raps are most popular among people, they do not just provide us recreation but also inspiration.
Here are the Bollywood raps that inspire us

1. Aage Chal by Raftaar

The title of this track is so creative and tells a lot about his positiveness and that how many people criticized him but he accepted it positively to build himself up. This rap tells a lot about his effort throughout his journey of becoming a rap icon.

2. Teesri Manzil by Divine

Through this track, divine conveyed his journey of struggle and achievement. You can understand his entire struggle in the lines where he mentioned how his songs are enjoyed by people from Dharavi to karachi and he has seen sufficient life through Rickshaw to Ferrari. There are several flow switches in this rap, this is an exact example of a masterpiece. This song is not sensitive or fierce, it is just inspirational.
Through this rap, you will sense the energy inside you and a lot of feelings after listening to this.
The rap is really catchy and good to hear.

3. Mein – Emiway

This rap is full of the energy, this raps tells how you need to move forward in your life by avoiding all distractions. This track inspires you about how you should ignore the haters and remember even if they hate you, they are still talking about you and when they talk about you then you are on the right path.

4. Apna Time Ayega – Ranveer Singh

Lyrics composed by the master of rap Divine and sung incredibly by Ranveer Singh, Apna Time Ayega will certainly boost your motivation and confidence and make you believe in your dreams. The most famous line from this rap, implies, your time will also come. So wait for the right moment.

5. Inception – Badshah

Badshah in his rap tells about how being on top is lonely as there are more haters than supporters. He talked about his effort that how he was just a common man like us and now he is on the list of special people and how because of his hard work he became a successful Artist. Badshah believes that these haters are waiting for his failure or his one flop song s they can’t see him on the top and want him to fall off the top spot.

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