1. Pastry chef

Pastry chefs focus mostly on baking and confections. In homes, restaurants, and bakeries, they practice their skill. These experts may decide to launch their own company, selling their delectable confections.

2. Catering supervisor

Primary responsibilities: Catering managers oversee the catering process to ensure that staffing is in place for catering events, that food is delivered as scheduled, and that it is prepared for service at the event. Catering managers need to be knowledgeable about both cooking and the operations of industrial kitchens.

3. A chef de cuisine

Executive chefs oversee the kitchen and are in charge of ensuring that the back-of-house food service runs properly. They design menus, oversee the productivity of the employees and chefs, and carry out various culinary tasks at restaurants. Executive chefs typically work at upmarket restaurants.

4. Animator in 3D

Their main responsibilities include rendering characters and animations for television programs, motion pictures, videos, and other types of multimedia using 3D technology.

5. A visual artist

This professional’s main responsibilities include creating designs and graphics utilizing hardware and software tools of the trade for the graphical representation of digital material. The work of graphic designers has been incorporated into everything from fine art, advertising, and website design to factory plans and textile patterns.

6. 2D animator

Primary responsibilities: An accomplished artist with a focus on 2D design is a 2D animator. These artists produce animated moving images by using digital tools and sketching methods.

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