Even today, when it comes to having faith in true love, happy endings, and fairytale romances, we still look up to bedtime tales told by our grandmother or mother about a nearly perfect love story that ended happily ever after. It might be challenging to stay in a real relationship or even to recognize one in today’s society, when everything and every relationship is very twisted up and when we attempt to find true love in the virtual world. Here are a few explanations for why it’s challenging to find love in these difficult times.

1. Lack of patience: In a world where a pizza can be delivered in 30 minutes but an ambulance can take hours to arrive at your door, many of us disagree with the idea of being patient while building a relationship. Nothing comes easily, and patience and a calm mind can help you win the biggest and gravest battles, as our forefathers and great scholars repeatedly emphasized.

2. We all have a tendency to give up quickly in various situations, which is another major issue. In fact, impatience and this go hand in hand. However, when you’re in love, confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles and a refusal to give up easily can help you confidently navigate even the most terrifying path.

3. The fear of commitment and subsequent non-fulfillment is the third factor. A committed relationship, in the eyes of many, will ensnare you permanently in the perilous grips of marriage, kids, and other worldly matters.

4. Busy lifestyle: Due to our extremely busy schedules, early deadlines, non-stop work, and the vicious circle of life, work, and home, we hardly ever have time to meet new people outside of those we have known for a long time. Many of us don’t even get the opportunity to interact with these folks on a daily basis. Finding the time to be in a relationship and nurture it during these trying times is really tough.

5. Fear of losing “the one”: Although you may think in your brain that he or she may be “the one,” in fact, that person might not be the one, and deep down, you know it. But you feel extremely anxious and afraid simply thinking about losing that individual.

Source – Times Of India

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