The professional who deals with oral health is known as a dentist. They work on dental problems and treat conditions such as broken teeth, misaligned teeth, periodontal disease and exposed tooth roots.

In order to become a dentist, you need to take up six to eight years of education. Also, it depends on whether you want to specialise in a certain field of dentistry because without specialisation you can shorten your time in school and on educational programs.

The timeline of becoming a dentist is affect due to the following factors:

1. Type of program

Some candidates first complete an undergraduate degree and then go ahead with a four year dental program whereas some go for undergraduate degree which combines with dentistry training.

2. Specialisation

Specialisation requires additional training and therefore it may affect your timeline of becoming a dentist.

3. Undergraduate major

The major you take for your undergraduate level also influences your timeline. That is, some candidates opt for double majors which take more time to complete.

4. Application results

Students need good GPA along with recommendation from previous professors or employers as the admission to dental schools is quite a competitive process.


To be a dentist, you need to complete two degrees, an undergraduate degree and then complete necessary requirements of dentistry programs. Later take up the state exam.

1. Bachelor’s Degree

Before applying to any dental school, a bachelor’s degree is essential.

2. Dental Program

Dental programs lead to Doctoral Degrees known as DDS or DMD.

3. Specialty Program

It is an additional training for the candidates who want to specialise in a specific area of dentistry.

4. Complete state exam

Dentists must be licensed, therefore they need to complete the National Board Dental Exam.

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