The best jobs depend on your skills, qualifications, experiences and interests.

Here are the 7 work from home jobs for moms are as follows:

1. Social media specialist

They create content for the company’s social media page. They also handle various social media correspondence and networks for multiple brands. They need to have a degree in marketing, business or other similar fields.

2. Data entry clerk

They type the information provided into their employer’s system. As per the requirements of the employer’s field, they enter a variety of information in a categorized form.

3. Customer service representative

The duties of customer service representative is to answer the queries from the customers to company support helplines. They provide information and guidance.

4. Transcriptionist

They convert audio files to text by typing everything down that is being said in the audio file. They review reports and proofread transcripts to make sure that they are free from any errors.

5. Virtual assistant

Their duty is to provide assistance to the company, individuals or small businesses. They manage tasks such as checking emails, maintaining social media handles, schedule appointments, manage calendar, submit invoices and more.

6. Proofreader

Proof readers are needed to check for grammatical errors, to correct formatting and consistency. Therefore, online and print publications often hire proofreaders.

7. Online teacher

The responsibility of an online teacher is to engage in lessons virtually with students from across the world. They can specialize in a certain subject they are proficient in.

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