If you are looking for a job while still being employed then you need to be discreet so that you do not lose your current job.

Here are some tips you need to follow.

1. Be discreet

Although it might be tempting to talk to your co-worker about finding a new job, you shouldn’t. If your seniors get a hunch of it, it will most likely result in your dismissal. Therefore, it is better to be discreet about looking for other employment opportunities.

2. Use personal devices for searching

If you conduct a job search ensure to use only personal devices such as personal phones, computers or emails. Avoid using the company WiFi while doing any job related research at the workplace.

3. Be aware of your attire

If you have an interview after work hours or during lunch time, be careful about your attire at the office. Devise a proper plan of how and where you’d change to a smart casual attire on the way to the interview.

4. Make job calls away from your workplace

When the employers conduct screening calls before the formal interview, make sure to schedule it when you are away from the office.

5. Go job hunting at home

If you are planning on hunting for a job then it’s better to do it at home. If emails are required to be answered quickly then make time during lunch to take care of it.

6. Ask the potential employers to be discreet

You can ask your hiring managers or recruiters about your discreteness. They understand that you don’t want your employer to know that you are looking for a new job.

7. Continue to work hard

It is essential to continue working hard and maintaining your relationships with your co-workers or supervisors. Maintaining positive relationships helps in securing new positions elsewhere as they will be viable options for future references for you.

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