If you are passionate about arts then following are career paths that might come handy for you.

1. Gallery Assistant

The primary duty of a gallery assistant is to keep the gallery functioning smoothly by performing administrative tasks.

2. Actor

Actors may either interpret or portray a character in movies or they might work in different settings such as production studios, live theatres and more.

3. Cake Decorator

Cake decorators work on creating the design, flowers or images required for decorating cake or pastries in the bakery.

4. Photographer

Photographers possess technical camera skills and have an artistic eye which captures the images of people, things and places.

5. Graphic design intern

They work under professional graphic designers, attend various meetings and connect with design teams to work on the project and examine how the creative idea is transformed into reality.

6. Preschool teacher

They teach or prepare the children between the age group of three to five to enter kindergarten. They work on building literacy skills and foundational learning skills that are needed in school.

7. Metal fabricator

They work in construction companies or manufactures to analyse and interpret the blueprints and also work on cutting, shaping, positioning and welding various metals.

8. Artists

As an art student, you can create artwork with your media such as drawing, painting, or sculpting or can opt for various other mediums.

9. Graphic designer

They meet up with clients to determine the scope of the project and then use computer software programs to devise the visual concept.

10. Interior designer

Interior designers work on designing the layout of interior space. They read blueprints and plan designs for the building.

11. Production artists

Works on creating executive design and uses specialized software programs for developing commercial artwork.

12. Illustrator

Illustrators work on developing two dimensional images and artwork which is used throughout various industries like magazines, websites and more.

13. Copywriter

This profile works in researching, writing, proofreading and editing high quality content for advertising. They have good SEO, HTML and basic designing skills.

14. Director of creative services

They determine effective marketing strategies by analysing their target audience which reaches and capturing them.

15. Journalist

They work on investigating news stories through various interviews and then provide a written news article to present it in an objective manner.

16. Director of marketing

They operate by analysing their target audience, creating effective marketing campaigns and then implementing them.

17. Architect

Architects work on designing the commercial structures and residential buildings.

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