The major role of a good leader is to motivate the team for effective performance. Here are 7 tips a good leader should know for effective team building.

1. Understand the Concept of a Great Team

It is the responsibility of a leader to clear all the objectives of a particular project. All the team members must be aware of their roles and there should be great communication among them. Teamwork is for group accomplishment and not individual and hence there should be a sense of cooperation.

2. Establish a Strong Leadership Role

For a strong and effective leadership, a leader needs to foster trust through transparency and honest approach. You must have a clear picture and greater perspective about your goals. You should delegate tasks and responsibilities in the most effective way.

3. Develop Connection Between the Members

A leader should always monitor the way the members of the team work together. Their responsibility is to promote team-building activities and collaborations in order to improve the cooperation among the team members.

4. Build Connection with Each Member

As a leader, you should know each member personally, their skills, interests and drawbacks so that you can assign them the work that matches their profile.

5. Allow Contributions and Collaborations

Asking the team to give their inputs would work towards the growth of the company. Ask for frequent reports and feedback to evaluate the contribution and collaboration of each individual within the team.

6. Work in Team Building Events

Encourage team building events like fundraising projects, social events and outdoor as well as indoor adventures.

7. Evaluation and Feedback

Monitoring and feedback are the main aspects for developing a great team. Evaluating work and accordingly providing feedback motivates the team to work with effectiveness.

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