Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned a reputation as one of the finest leaders in cricket history. Dhoni has multiple records, including the most Test and One Day International victories by an Indian captain, as well as the most consecutive victories by an Indian captain in One Day Internationals.

Dhoni possesses a wide range of leadership abilities that may be used in life. Here are some of his leadership skills as mentioned by Forbes.

1. Managing Your Success

Dhoni rose to fame and fortune early in his career, yet he remained humble and modest throughout. He kept a steady pace and avoided being boisterous, flashy, or overwhelming.

2. Keeping your cool under duress

Dhoni maintains his composure even when put to the test, and this inspires his entire team to resist giving in. They acquire confidence and continue to perform at their best as a result of their captain’s inspiration. This is one of the most valuable gifts a leader can bestow on his organisation.

3. Respect for competitors

You know you’ve reached a milestone in athletics, business, or any other profession, when your opponents take you seriously and allow themselves to show some respect for you. Dhoni has achieved this with his steady, calm demeanour.

4. Playing as a team

Dhoni believes in and trusts his players at all times. This support allows them to play at their best while also instilling in them a feeling of accountability to perform well.

5. Dealing with Failure

Dhoni and his squad were stunningly successful in the 2011 World Cup, but then went on to lose a streak of games. Simply by playing well, Dhoni fought back. It’s one of the most crucial parts of being a leader.

6. Maintaining Focus

It is critical for success to be able to isolate oneself from your surroundings, and Dhoni exhibited this during the Champions Trophy when there was controversy surrounding the Indian Premier League. One of the best signs of a leader in any setting is the ability to cut through distraction and negative energy.

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