Although first dates are scary, nerve-wrecking and may suck at times, they are necessary for dating. It is the time where you make the first impressions. For a successful first date, here are 7 tips for you, girls.

1. Stay Calm and Positive

First dates can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. Calm down your ragging nerves and be in a positive mindset. Try meditation or have a jam session of your own to relax yourself.

2. Dress Good and Be Confident

Pick out the perfect outfit in advance so that you don’t compromise with any outfit only an hour before your date. Wear something nice and comfortable which makes you feel pretty and confident.

3. Greet with a Good Hello or a Hug

The build-up is the worst on first dates, maintain your cool by saying a quick hello or giving a hug. It will impress your date and calm his nerves down as well.

4. Let the Conversation Move with the Flow

Don’t fill your first date with interview questions! Although you want to get to know your date, take it slow and go with a flow. Back and forth questions are often considered sincere.

5. Avoid Serious or Controversial Conversations

Avoid topics that are mood killer such as exes or politics. It is often awkward to talk about serious topics so just stick to positive topics.

6. Always Offer to Split the Bill

After a wonderful lunch and dinner, when you check, always offer to split it. If he insists on paying, then just thank him.

7. Let Him Know You Want to Go Out Again

If you had fun and want to go out on a second date do let him know. You can either be upfront or say it in reference to some earlier conversation.

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