Everyone wants to be happy. Here are the things that you should never do if you want to make yourself happy.

1. Do not neglect yourself or your needs

If you want to be happy, do not ignore yourself or your needs and look outside for happiness. Because your happiness lies within you. No one knows how to really live a happy life, you have to find ways to be happy.

2. Never ignore your inner self

Pay attention to your inner voice. It is the best guidance which communicates through feelings. You’d feel joy and happiness when things are going right and lifeless when they are not.

3. Do not escape from present

You’d be more miserable if you tried to escape from your present self or moment. Observe the things that are in the present. It’s okay to feel anxious, just don’t run away from it, instead face it.

4. Do not be afraid of making mistakes

You are a human and humans are supposed to make mistakes. You just have to learn from those mistakes and move on.

5. Never aim for perfection

If you want to be happy in life, do not aim for perfection. Love who you are and the way you are. Do not seek approval from others, it will disrupt your happiness.

6. Stop chasing happiness

Never run behind happiness. Let happiness come to you through your efforts. In doing so, do not avoid your feelings.

7. Do not put your dreams off

No matter how scary your dreams appear, find ways to achieve it. Accept the opportunities that pop up on your doorstep with open arms.

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