Everyone has to work for a living. But job jobs need better qualifications. It happens often that, due to some reasons, an individual could pursue education till the 10th only. So if you are one of them don’t worry, you can get jobs too. Here are the top 5 easy jobs for individuals with a 10th passing certificate.

1) Data Entry: It is an easy job. You have to input information into databases, spreadsheets, or other digital formats. Also, this requires basic computer skills, and one needs to be very attentive while entering the data in their specific columns.

2) Delivery Driver: Well, you can get such jobs that pay you daily. Working as a delivery driver for local businesses is typically a job requiring no qualifications. However, you can also work in the government sector for pay.

3) Work As A Clerk: There are several positions at supermarkets or retail shops. You can work as a cashier, stock clerk, or sales. These jobs are often available for individuals with a 10th-grade education. You need just basic knowledge.

4) Housekeeping or Janitorial Staff: There are many hotels, offices, hospitals, and other places in the cities that pay you well for working as the staff. You can work as a housekeeper or janitor who performs cleaning and maintenance tasks.

5) Security Guard: Almost every society and other places needs security, and for this job, you don’t have to have education but casual knowledge. In these jobs, you have to monitor premises and ensure safety.

Keep in mind that these jobs may not require educati