Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that has spread around the world, harming everyone’s lives, occupations, economy, and way of life. This has resulted in a great deal of uncertainty in people’s lives as well as a massive loss of movement, incomes, and jobs, which has had a negative influence on practically every country’s economy.

Let’s face it: the current scenario may take months, if not years, to normalise for things to settle down.

In this situation, we should all concentrate on seizing the current job possibilities created by the COVID 19 lockdown and maintaining high levels of optimism and hope to sustain our mental, economic, and physical health.

During COVID-19, there are a few home-based business ideas to try.

1) Home bakery.

The majority of folks have been baking during the lockdown. Although most individuals have moved on from the phase and are now focused on newer endeavors, it has established the seed of a new home-based business possibility for you to investigate.

This home-based business concept requires very little cost, yet social media allows you to promote your business with ease. It’s unquestionably one of the most effective strategies to get something significant off the ground. The reaction you will receive for your baking business will astound you.

2) Online tutoring.

Do you have a talent that could be useful to someone? Can you help someone learn a new skill that will help them? If you’re good at what you do, don’t keep your expertise to yourself! Allow the rest of the world to learn from you! There are various courses you can take on social media and get paid for, ranging from math tutoring to arts and crafts programs.

Sure, it may be difficult to get started because gaining traction and a large number of views takes time. However, after you’ve overcome this obstacle, it’ll be much easier to attract additional people who want to learn from you. If you want to expand your home-based business idea, you can also partner with certain instructional websites and apps.

3) Soap, candles, and lotion making.

Apart from cooking and coaching, people have started producing new things to offer. While face masks have been one of the most popular items, other innovative new concepts have also emerged.

People have begun purchasing scented goods and candles to add to the zen appeal of their homes. This leads us to an intriguing business opportunity that you could pursue. Making soap and lotion is a lucrative business. It is not only a simple technique that you can do at home, but it also requires very little expenditure on your part.

4) Paintings and other types of art

Artists have plenty of time to show off their skills through paintings or other forms of art. Artists have all of the necessary materials and only need to create a virtual display online to sell their work and deliver it to the customer’s address. Artists can host an event and showcase their talent if they have enough space to display their paintings.

5) Become a YouTuber

People have begun to make a fair living from online social media sites, with YouTube being the most profitable and popular. Yes, becoming a YouTuber is popular if you are truly enthusiastic and have a distinct style or aura that allows you to gain as many followers or subscribers as possible.

The thought of becoming a YouTuber can provide you with a steady stream of cash. YouTube earnings are founded on a single concept: the more followers you have, the more money you make.

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