With lockdowns being implemented due to the ongoing global pandemic, one would ask how to maintain mental peace during such trying circumstances. We have spent almost a year and a half quarantined at our homes. Sitting at home for a long time with no minimal social life might get stressful and frustrating. Add in the terrible news on our social media feeds and timelines, which is further adding a negative impact on people’s mental health wellbeing. Mental health is just as vital as physical health, and it should not be overlooked.

Here are some ways you can find peace of mind during the lockdown.

1) Maintain a diary

Being restricted to a physical area can lead to an inescapable thought process that can make a person feel fairly heavy in the brain; the best way to deal with this negative thought process and mental congestion is to find an outlet for it; in this case, a pen and paper can be your greatest friend. Writing down your daily thoughts and troubles in a diary can give you a sensation of being heard while remaining private.

2) Meditation

Meditation necessitates devoting 10-20 minutes of your daily routine to yourself, which you could consider as your personal time, a duty dedicated solely to you. Deep breathing and positive affirmations might assist you in relaxing and calming down which will give you a sense of calm and lightness in your thoughts. This will help your peace and get rid of all negative thoughts.

3) Try new things

There is constant anxiety around when this pandemic will last and how long our lives will be confined to our homes. This takes away our peace of mind. For mental peace consistency is necessary, so attempt to establish an everyday pattern in which your mind understands what to do in order to battle the sensation of uncertainty. Try out new hobbies, new recipes, a new language, etc.

4) Yoga

Yoga can be calming during these times because it requires you to stretch your body muscles, resulting in physical lightness. It also necessitates deep breathing, which provides more oxygen to your brain, making it calmer.

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