Inky Johnson’s playing career was cut short more than a decade ago when he suffered a devastating, career-ending injury in only the second game of the 2006 season. Johnson was permanently paralyzed in his right arm during a game between the Vols and Air Force in 2006, only two games into the season.

Inky Johnson’sfootball career came to an abrupt end with this major injury. But there was something else in store for him in the future. Johnson had a promising future as a defensive back on the football field and after a strong 2005 season, he appeared to be one of the top players on the UT team 2006.

He says it is almost as though he was at the brink of having it all in his football career. But God said no and wanted to redirect him towards something bigger in life.

After his football career came to an abrupt end, Johnson went on to study psychology and learned how to use public speaking as a method to reach people. The former footballer is now a well-known motivational speaker who has spoken on a number of different occasions and motivated millions of people with his life.

The inspirational story of his life is a lesson to all of us. Even though we feel like we are about to achieve or have everything we ever asked for, sometimes God doesn’t believe it is the best for us. And the things we wanted the most don’t work out or we lose the things that meant something to us.

But as much as this feels terrible and heart-breaking, trust God. He works in mysterious ways and has much better things in store for us. Though we can’t see it clearly right now, God has a better plan for us. He knows what we NEED and focuses on that rather than what we WANT.

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