Confidence is a need of time. People tend to lose their train of thought and get baffled due to anxiety and nervousness. You might have an understanding of a lot of things, but you don’t hold the confidence to come out of your shell and speak confidently in front of others, then it doesn’t make any sense.

Here have a look at what Gaur Gopal Das has to say about being self-confident without being ignorant.

Gaur Gopal Das speaks about humility. When a question was asked to Gaur Gopal Das about how a person thinks they are the best, they have self-confidence, or they have arrogance. This is what Gaur Gopal Das has to say about it.

He speaks about how to find the balance between self-confidence and humility, where a person has self-confidence, but he still has the humility to learn. So his self-confidence does not result in arrogance . When he speaks about self-confidence, he says the person wants to be the best version of themselves or updating themselves, and you have to give them the best.

A person is the competitor of himself. Nobody else is your competition. You have to compete with the older version and the newer version of yourself. A person wants to be better every day.

He means that even the person is the best version of himself, he is not the only best in the world. But if you start thinking that you are the best in the universe, then your self-confidence turns into arrogance. Self-confidence is when a person thinks he is the best version of himself, but when the person thinks he is the best, his confidence turns into arrogance.

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