Motivation fluctuates for everyone of us.

You could wake up some mornings feeling motivated to tackle your to-do list and get to work. On other occasions, you slam the alarm clock, scoff at the dawn, and give yourself an extra five minutes to daydream about giving notice and boarding the first aircraft to a tropical destination.

Not to mention the ups and downs we go through in a single day: After a workout and an espresso, we feel like walking advertisements for inspiration first thing in the morning. We are counting down the minutes till we can give up by the time the afternoon munchies arrive.

1. Extrinsic

Performing an action in order to achieve or prevent a different result

Many of the daily activities you engage in are probably driven by external factors.

“Extrinsic motivation is a concept that occurs anytime an action is done in order to reach some separate objective,” according to study published in Contemporary Educational Psychology.


A motivation or sense of purpose inside oneself

According to the journal of Contemporary Educational Psychology, intrinsic motivation refers to engaging in an activity for its own sake rather than for a secondary benefit. When a person is intrinsically driven, they behave out of enjoyment or challenge rather than under the influence of other things like pressure or incentives.

3. Family The desire to support your loved ones drives you.

For those of us who aren’t very passionate about our jobs, finding intrinsic motivation isn’t always simple. Fortunately, there is a method to make up for it: Consider your family. Even for those who do not feel intrinsically or extrinsically driven to achieve anything, this has arisen as a third kind of motivation that has been shown to be a powerful source of inspiration.

Source:nbc news

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