The phrase “body image” may be used to describe how we think about and feel about our bodies. In general, our thoughts and feelings about our bodies may have an effect on our self-esteem, as well as our mental health and general wellness.

“The ideal figure is casually shown on Instagram and other websites. the way someone appeals to someone visually. Usually, appearances are what people notice first, and then other things. Self-esteem is impacted by it. As their self-esteem is greatly impacted by appearance, teenagers and young people in particular struggle with this problem.” Dr. Pallavi Joshi, a psychiatry consultant at Manipal Hospital Varthur Road, who is here to give some insights on how body image has a huge influence on mental health, says that how people are perceived and appreciated by peers plays a part.

She continued: “The influence of body concerns on one’s welfare is further discussed by the author, who claims that if one has a favorable body image, they are less likely to suffer from eating disorders, depression, or anxiety. If it’s a bad one, it might cause stress, sadness, insomnia, poor eating habits, etc. In addition to what is shown in the media, what is admired in society—likely a fair complexion and a trim figure—can also have an impact on that person’s thoughts. The inferiority complex may become more prominent if the person is already experiencing despair or anxiety.”

Why do body image problems arise?

In more than one aspect, there are several that influence how we feel about our bodies. These factors include things like the context of the family, one’s ability or handicap, societal attitudes, media outlets, cultural background, and more. “How did they spend their youth? It depends if the victim of bullying was teased at school because of his or her appearance or weight. How did the kid do with resilience? What kind of self-image did he or she have? if one has great self-esteem from the start?” This is what Dr. Pallavi, who outlines some of the factors, states.

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