Each and every connection in the world requires work. Keeping your relationship at a distance is never simple, not even on this digitally driven day. Even though FaceTime and Skype are well-known to everyone, there are many additional interesting and engaging ways for couples to communicate with one another while they are separated by great distances.

There are no doubts about how challenging and stressful the long commute is. Nevertheless, it won’t last forever. These incredible methods can let you remain in touch with your long-distance loved one in the digital era, from streaming movies to traditional love notes.

1. Netflix Party is the way to go

There is nothing better than curling up and watching a movie together. The second-best option is Netflix Party, though. With Netflix Party, a Chrome plugin that allows you to synchronize video playback, you may stream your favorite show.

2. Switch to voice notes and Facetime instead of texting.

A simple text message is never as effective as a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation. It not only takes the place of some intimacy but may also make a small disagreement into a much bigger problem. Face expressions and body language are crucial.

3. Digital dates

Going on romantic, candle-lit dates is still possible when in a long-distance relationship. Dress up, add wine to the glass, and light a candle. Set a time to cook a meal together, then use video chat to converse as you prepare and consume it.

4. Handwritten letters of love from the past

A lengthy text message chock-full of emoticons or a handwritten love letter? If so, you are obviously a fan of the old school. A handwritten love letter can do the trick if you want your words to have the same emotional impact as your feelings. The intimacy, expression, and physicality of handwritten letters are greater.

5. Distribute token gifts

You can still treat each other well even though you live far apart. Because they come from you to them, small acts of kindness may make a great difference. Send your partner some adorable plush toys or perhaps a basket of cupcakes and chocolates!

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