Kumar Mangalam Birla, an industrialist, was born into a generations-old business family in Kolkata and was trained from the start to be a great entrepreneur.

Here are some marvelous quotes from Kumar Mangalam Birla

1. “The one important factor that keeps me going is the kind of people I work with.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

2. “Failure is not fatal, it’s inevitable. If you don’t fail, it perhaps means you aren’t taking enough risks.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

3. “If you cannot collaborate, you cannot succeed. The joy of accomplishing something as a team is far greater than any individual achievement.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

4. “Individual brilliance can only take you so far. From business to any other field of activity, teamwork is the key to success.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

5. “We all fail. We all make mistakes. The key is to not be oblivious to the mistake. When you make a mistake, you have three choices: You can be in denial, you can let it cripple you, or you can acknowledge the error, take swift corrective action and learn from it.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

6. “I think a leader has many roles to play. So, you know, one role is that of incubating talent; the other is that of being a strategist. It’s a very interesting job I’ve got.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

7. “Only when emotion is involved do you get angry and lose your temper. You could have different points of view, but as long as it is constructive dissent, it is fun.” – Kumar Mangalam Birla

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