OCPD (Obsessive compulsive personality disorder) is a medical situation that causes a person to encounter a severe need for order, perfectionism, and cognitive and interpersonal control. People with OCPD find it difficult to convey their feelings. They have problems in shaping and maintaining close relationships with others. They work very hard, but their obsession with perfection can make them incapable. They often feel righteous, angry, and irritated. People with OCPD often face social withdrawal. They even encounter anxiety that arises with depression and sorrow.

OCPD is always confused with a stress disorder called OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). However, they are not the same. Individuals with OCPD have no idea that there’s anything improper with the way they think or act. They assume that their way of understanding and doing things is the only valid way and that everyone else is incorrect.

The precise reason for OCPD is not known. But there are some reasons which can be considered.

1. OCPD may result from a mixture of genetics and childhood occurrences.

Adults can observe that they are encountering OCPD from a very early age. They may have felt that they are expected to be an ideal or perfectly obedient child. And the need of following these expectations of others then carries over into adulthood.

2. People with this disorder may be overzealous, fussy, and strict about issues related to principles, morals, and values.

They apply strict moral rules to themselves and to others as well, and they are very much self-critical.

But there are some medications which can help an individual to deal with this disorder.

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