Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever are the founders of Quora. They used to work at Facebook in 2009 when they were plagued with the question, why wasn’t there a place on the Internet where a question can be answered by someone who knows the answer?

This question resulted in them starting Quora, which is a Q&A website that is used to share knowledge. On this website, you can post a question, answer a question and even edit other’s answers. Even though this concept of Quora wasn’t new, Adam and Charlie knew how to make it unique.

According to reports, there were many Q&A sites but they wanted to make it better than any other. The duo left Facebook and commenced working on Quora in April 2009. Like other business startups, they did not have any traditional business plan. Rebekah Cox was the first employee they hired to work on the site’s design. Their team was trying out ideas to land up with a proper finished product which was acceptable by everyone.

Among the tech crowd, Quora became quite popular after its launch in June 2010. The answers on this website had good quality of information which attracted the mainstream.

The special feature of Quora is, the users sign up where the users can follow the feeds which have questions and answers on various topics like science and food. Quora got tons of users everyday since its launch and the developers had to speed up their work as well.

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