In the realm of combat martial arts, Conor McGregor is among the most well-known personalities. His story looks like a true rags to riches tale, with a stark contrast between his humble beginnings as a plumber and the extravagant lifestyle he now enjoys. When McGregor, then 12, was hounded by a bunch of thugs, he decided he wasn’t going to lay down and let them frighten the absolute crap out of him. He chose to take up martial arts on that day and began practicing at the Crumlin Boxing Club.

When McGregor was 16, his parents relocated to some other town, and he met Tom Egan, with whom he started MMA practice. On the weekends, they would sometimes watch delayed UFC tapes in order to better their skills. For his household, making sufficient money was a challenge. Conor experienced numerous obstacles in school as a young guy and eventually lost motivation. McGregor began working as a plumber when he was 17 years old to assist his family cover the expenses.

He was a diligent youthful man who spent 12-15 hours every day on the job, to do a job that he despised. He toiled away at plumbing tasks and endured shabby behavior on the work site, constantly feeling weak and dissatisfied. McGregor would go to the training center after a lengthy, arduous stint at work to prepare as a boxer. His anger was vented there, and his abilities were put to good advantage.

McGregor was barely scraping by as a plumber, and he had no idea that when he would reach 25 years old, his whole life would transform. McGregor was found by the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the age of 25 in 2013, and was instantly approved.

His professional debut was with a comprehensive knockout victory over Chad Mendes in July 2015, followed by a 13-second victory over Jose Aldo just five months afterwards. McGregor was promptly ushered into the rich persons club.

He only battled once last year but yet made more money than any other sportsman on the planet. It makes no difference what you think of him or his actions. It makes no difference what you believe of him as an MMA competitor; the truth is that he is a role model for everybody.

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