Undoubtedly, ancient history has constantly demonstrated that victory in conflicts isn’t solely because of the strength of weapons but also the power of the brain and strategic intelligence. War fields aren’t just about high arms and ammunition they but also strategic planning, intricate plots, adaptability, and out-of-the-box thinking. The past has witnessed that some of the most iconic victories have been possible through clever strategies that exploit the weaknesses of enemies.

There are ample amount of examples where wars have been won by leaders who possessed superior foresight, innovative tactics, and intelligence to implement them. And there is a famous saying from the highest form of generalship is to defeat the enemies without having to fight in a war. The strategy of surprise attack, knowing opponents’ tactics, and psychological understanding will prove to be helpful to win the war.

On the other hand, modern-day warfare is no different. For example, in today’s time of cyber warfare that deals with technological power, clever coding can disrupt infrastructure without firing a single shot. Economic strategy, smart negotiations, intelligence, and activeness play major roles in achieving victory.

In conclusion, weapons, arms, and ammunition will undoubtedly provide you strength, and it is a plus point but intelligence, planning, plotting, and strategic thinking help to get a better outcome. Using these strategies, you can secure victory. You try to win any war through smartness and not just by using your arms and ammunition power.