Piles are the swollen veins in the anal area. During the normal stage, they act as barriers to control the passage of stools. However, the exact reason behind this is unknown, but as per the studies, it has been found that increased pressure in the anal region during excretion is responsible. You should consult a doctor to get rid of the disease and follow these home remedies to reduce the effect.

1) Take A Warm Bath: Hot water bath can help you reduce the irritation that the swollen veins cause. You should take hot water in a tub and immerse the affected area for some time. You can add antiseptic prescribed by the doctor.

2) Cold Packs: UsingIce packs or cold compresses around the affected area can help relieve the swelling. Do this for 15 minutes minimum.

3) Use Weg Wipes: Instead of using normal toilet paper, moisten the toilet paper to wipe after the bowel movement to avoid irritation.

4) Exercise: Regular pelvic exercise can help cure the problem in the long term and ease bowel movement.

5) Less Stress And Good Sleep: These are the important factor. Manage stress effectively, which helps to regulate good bowel habits. Simultaneously, good sleep helps to maintain good digestion health.

6) Coconut Oil: As per research, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation and swelling. Applying this to the affected area will help to heal faster.

7) Hydration And Fibre-rich Food: What you consume also plays an important role in curing this. You should consume more liquid substances to keep your body hydrated, easing bowel movement. And Fibre-rich food helps your bowel to be less dry. (Source: PharmEasy)