“Creative inspiration isn’t just about your mind. It involves your entire body,” says Shamas,

After being featured in the journal Gifted Education International and Shamas’ book, Deep Creativity: Inside the Creative Mystery, his body-centered approach to creativity is making its way into K-12 classrooms.

“Engage your body in the creative process and your efforts will be far more inspired,” he says.

Two basic techniques taught by Shamas will assist you in experiencing creative inspiration in your body. The first is to engage in some form of play, but not just any kind of play. Shamas has discovered that the types of play activities that engage the body while disengaging the mind are the most beneficial. They’re easy to play and non-competitive, requiring little strategy and effort. Listed below are a few examples: Nature walks, baths or showers, instrumental music, massage, dancing, or mild movement are all good ways to relax.

The second is Repose, a basic relaxation method co-developed by Shamas. Repose entails resting flat on your back on a comfortable surface, arms and legs extended. According to Shamas’ research, seven minutes of Repose can boost creativity by improving physical and mental responsiveness. Repose also has a number of additional well-documented advantages, such as reducing stress, mood elevation, and better memory and focus.

“Inspire your body and your mind will follow.” To be inspired, your body must first be free of stress, anxiety, inflammation, and other distractions. In his latest e-book, Shamas demonstrates how to do just that.

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