The film tells the incredible story of Desmond T. Doss. A World War II American Army Medic who fought without firing a single bullet during the “Battle of Okinawa.” He simply refused to carry or use a firearm or any other type of weapon. Isn’t it incredible? To say the least, his narrative is unbelievable. Desmond not only went to fight unarmed, but he also assisted dozens of wounded troops in escaping death. Hacksaw Ridge is a fantastic film that imparts some valuable life lessons.

Here are 5 things that we learn from Andrew Garfield’s Hacksaw Ridge

1. Take a stand for your right

It is difficult to advocate for something that many people do not agree with or believe in. People will disapprove, ostracise, or even harass you as a result of your ideas. But Desmond also recognized that there was no other option for him. Not being truthful to himself was already a type of agony in his thinking.

2. It’s okay to be different

Desmond T. Doss is living proof that having opposing ideas does not imply that you are incorrect. Most of us will come across folks like Sargent Howell and Smitty Ryker who will try to discourage us from doing what we believe in. However, it is also our responsibility to be resilient and to combat hardship. Don’t worry too much about what people think of you. It’s more about how you perceive yourself. People will appreciate you if your activities are righteous and sincere.

3. Kindness is important

Desmond refused to injure the enemy even on the battlefield. Isn’t that moronic? It’s tough for the normal human intellect to understand his decision. Desmond, on the other hand, keeps his word. He’s not going to “take lives” if he says he’s not going to do it. It’s a tenet of his faith.

4. Your body doesn’t define you

Desmond wasn’t your standard “masculine type,” but it didn’t make him any less of a man. In the end, it was never about his physical strength, but about the strength of his ideas. This makes us believe that you should be confident in your own body. Not everyone is perfect but they have other strengths that they can use to show their power.

5. Even when it doesn’t make sense just trust God

I’m not sure whether you’ve realized this yet, but God frequently permits us to experience the full power of life in order for us to learn how to truly rely on Him. He wants us to offer Him our anxieties, wants, sorrow, pleasure, hearts, and entire existence so that He might convert them into something wonderful. So whenever you find yourself confused just remember him.

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