Influential and confident women abound in K-Pop, and they use their statements and actions to encourage supporters each day! To be a K-Pop idol entails a tremendous amount of work and dedication. These icons are the best people to ask for life guidance since they’ve gone through it all and can share what they’ve learnt along the way.

Here are some inspiring quotes from K-Pop stars BLACKPINK

1. “You own your life, don’t be swayed by other things and lose important things. Focus on yourself.” – Jisoo

2. “Never give up on your dreams, no matter how painful and difficult your journey is” – Lisa Manoban

3. “Life is what we can’t expect, we can’t just live with probability.”- Jisoo

4. “To me, beauty is confidence. I think beauty comes from one’s confident inner self and attitude. Make-up and styling are the cherries on top of your beautiful inner-self!” – Lisa Manoban

5. “The people who dislike me will dislike me. The people who like me will like me. And people who support me will support me. Regardless of the amount and depth, there is a person who supports me, which makes it fine. If I’m supported by one person, it’s good.” – Jisoo

6. “When you just feel the most hollow, life gives you sweets.” – Rosé

7. “I honestly wish all four of us could shine together as a group.” – Jennie

8. “I just wanted my fans to kind of learn that I’m just as human as everybody else, and I can relate to a lot of things that everybody may be going through at this time.” – Rosé

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