The most crucial factor in enhancing your overall self-esteem is your body language. Your body language determines whether you come across as optimistic or not. It’s something that both males and females feel is an admirable quality in a partner, yet it’s something that so many individuals miss. You can impress your partner by showing how confident you are in communicating with them and also by making eye contact with them. If you do the opposite of the above, then your date may turn into a disaster.

1. Be confident.

You show individuals surrounding you that you’re eager to participate and aren’t terrified of others staring at you by casually walking with your head held up. Walking with your head held high is a powerful indication of your personality.

2. Crossing your hands or feet while you talk is not a good idea.

Tight body posture makes you appear cautious and as though you’re trying to shield yourself. We also prefer to mimic one another’s mannerisms, so if you don’t appear comfortable, the other individual won’t be calm either. So move around a little and loosen up.

3. Maintain eye contact with the other person.

In our age, great social relationships require eye connection. When people have poor self-confidence, the very last thing they want to do is to look in someone’s eyes since that might make them feel awkward. Most of the time, the individual you’re speaking to isn’t even aware of it; all they perceive is that you’re managing to keep them interested.

4. Keep your cell phone aside.

Some people with social anxiety can’t survive without their smartphone; you might be compelled to do the same, but resist the urge. It’s not just impolite on a date, but it’s also another interpersonal move that makes you appear distant or bored.

5. If you want to converse with a woman, don’t move in too close.

Approaching in front overly fast is pushy and unpleasant. Increase your volume or get closer to her. If you’re in a cramped spot, consider if there’s anything you can rest against instead of having to stand uncomfortably.

6. Don’t be the one who talks too fast.

Because they’re just anxious, quiet people often speed through their tales. If you want to become more outgoing and confident, practise delivering stories carefully and not speeding through them because you’re impatient to get to the end. Breathe deeply and say your words clearly.

7. Eliminate tense mannerisms as well as unhealthy behaviours.

This includes fussing in usual, as well as face rubbing, foot pounding, nail biting, and other forms of fretting. They divert attention away from the other person, and you appear disturbed and concerned. Your date might not even consider going out with you next time.

8. Maintain a positive attitude.

Nowadays, there aren’t nearly many individuals who smile. Smiling, whether as a casual greeting or while engaged in discussion, has the effect of putting people at rest and making them perceive you as kind, accessible, and assured.

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