Ratan Naval Tata received the Padam Vibhushan and Padam Bhushan in 2008 and 2000, respectively, for his contributions to trade and industry. He has made contributions not only to trade and industry but also to society.

Ratan Tata teaches us many things, and here are a few of them:

1. His vision for developing a car for the common man

Mr. Ratan Tata has always had a vision for his company and himself. He understood where he is now and where he wants his organization to be in the future. His ambitious vision of creating a car for the common man that costs only one lakh rupees, dubbed “Nano,” has proven to be a success, demonstrating his ability to envision future needs and demand.

2. His innovation of production line

Instead of being reactive, be innovative. Being proactive and finding solutions to problems at an early stage is among the most significant aspects of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who exemplifies such qualities is always successful. His idea and innovation of the production belt helped to fasten the manufacturing process and proved to be a boon for the automobile industry.

3. How he never gave up on his values and principles

A business is built on principles, not personalities. Mr. Ratan Tata and the Tata Group had a set of core values that they never wavered from. One of the main core values that they have always adhered to is public betterment.

Mr. Ratan Tata stepped down as chairman of the Tata Group and was succeeded by Cyrus Mistry, who was not from the Tata family, demonstrating Ratan Tata’s values that competence trumps lineage.

4. How he took the risks despite people doubting him

Ratan Tata has always believed in taking chances, and the results demonstrate that he was correct. The Tata group has provided financing and investment to many startup companies. He taught us that we must be willing to take risks in order to be successful in life. Continuing to work within your comfort zone may make you feel secure, but it will never allow you to fully explore your potential.

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