Asthma is a chronic lung disease. If you’re pregnant, asthma can affect your health and your baby’s health. Taking proper care of yourself is the best means to take care of your baby.

You must follow some ways to deal with Asthma at the time of pregnancy.

1. Keep your prenatal appointments regular

Regularly visit your health care provider throughout your pregnancy period. Share every problem or trouble you might have with your doctor. Your doctor will monitor your lungs regularly. So that he may have an idea about the severity of asthma.

2. Take your medication as prescribed

If you have concerns about the medicines you’re taking, talk with your doctor. And take all your medications on time.

3. Don’t smoke

If you smoke, ask your doctor to help you or take help from others to stop you from smoking. Smoking can exacerbate asthma, and smoking at the time of pregnancy can result in health crises for you and your child.

4. Avoid and control triggers

Prevent exposure to secondhand smoke and other possible irritants, such as dust and animal dander. Try to keep yourself away from people who may have any respiratory problems. Because such things can trigger asthma.

5. Recognize warning signs

Make sure you understand the indications and warnings that your asthma is getting worse, indications can include, wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, or coughing. Consult your health care provider about treatments and when to pursue medical help. Your doctor will specify which treatment is suitable for you, based on your medical condition, history, and the harshness of symptoms.

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