Ratan Tata is one of India’s most prominent philanthropists. He is also involved in social assistance work in other nations. Tata has made significant investments in education, rural development, and healthcare. According to She the people tv reports, the 78-year-old began his career with the Tata Group in 1961 and oversaw the company’s growth from $1.5 billion to $100 billion in market capitalization. The renowned scion has served as an inspiration to world leaders.

In one of his speeches Ratan Tata said that in his varying capacities that he has worked all these years in India, the most fascinating period he had was in the automobile industry. He believes that the automobile industry is a truly and tremendously rewarding business.

He believed the automobile industry to be the most exciting business he ever worked in and the greatest pleasure for him in this business was trying to do something that everybody says could not be done.

Ratan Tata went on to explain how he took up the challenging task of manufacturing cars in India when nobody in India manufactured cars. When Ratan Tata decided to do it, many of his overseas friends said it was impossible to do it. But Ratan Tata was determined with his goal and he went ahead and produced the car “Indica.”

When the car was ready to be launched in the markets, Ratan Tata recollects some of his friends distanced themselves from the entrepreneur which he calls as “distancing yourself from failure.”

But the car was launched and a 20 percent market share was earned by it and that’s how the Tata’s proved they could do something.

Ratan Tata regards this business as exciting because it presents him with the opportunity to test new technologies, new business methods and has tremendously contributed to the transformation of the Indian economy to a mobile economy.

Through this speech Ratan Tata proves to us that even when no one believes in us, we must be confident in ourselves and keep going. Never settle for less and take risks in life and try out new things because that is how we grow.

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