Anything in our day-to-day life can be inspiring. Any kind of art or entertainment and the simplest beings in nature can be inspiring. However, since most of us spend maximum time in front of screens, TV shows become an ideal source of motivation for us. We often binge-watch shows that we like and enjoy but if you are specifically looking for shows that will inspire you, then it is difficult to find the correct series since many other shows are just made for absolutely no reason and only waste our time. Filtering through such shows, here are some shows that will help you be inspired and act on your plans: –

  • Supernatural – Its a story about two brothers who follow the same path as their father and eliminate demons and monsters wandering on the earth.
  • Silicon Valley – A young aspiring tech genius invents a computer algorithm that could change the way of how we use the internet. The show displays how he overcomes all the barriers in making his dream come true.
  • Six feet under – Whatever differences we have among our families or friends, we all come together as one to say goodbye to a loved one when they die. Death is inevitable and being together in harmony is what is displayed in this series.
  • The office – It shows how every office can have an intolerable boss and people around the office that affect our day to day lives. It shows how slowly the employees become one as a family.
  • Band of Brothers – Not all the historic TV shows can capture the essence of being inspiring. This series showcases the lives of soldiers during the 2nd World War and the horrible moments they had to go through in that period.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine – It is a show with variety in characters based on the NYPD’s (New York Police Department) daily operations in a comic way. This show has a cop with low self-esteem, an overconfident but smart cop, a bisexual badass and two black superior officers. Their lives in the show are truly inspiring.

These are the shows that will specifically help you get inspired. Watch every episode with focus and try to gain something fro each episode. Don’t be in a hurry to finish the series.