We all know and agree that music plays a special role in changing our mood from bad to good. Some may prefer rock music while some may like jazz. However, not many of us know that there is a type of music that provides the most amount of peace and soothing to your mind than any other music. Its called Nature sounds. The soothing and calming sound made by our mother earth, that music is what we must pay attention to. All it requires is spending more time outdoors between nature and have an acute perception to listen. Some of the best voices of nature can be as follows: –

  • Sound of waves at a beach – The ocean is so huge and mighty that we can never stop to learn more and more about it. The sound that the water waves make when they hit the shore is highly calming and relaxing. Those who stay in near proximity to an ocean know this fact for sure since they experience it very often.
  • Sound of a flowing river – Ever camped near a flowing river? Or took rest to refresh near a riverbank during a trek? If yes, you are lucky and if no, you are missing on a major attribute our nature has to offer. It may sound similar to the ocean waves, but only a true nature addict can tell the difference between water hitting sand and water flowing over rocks and pebbles.
  • Chirping of birds – The sound of birds chirping is the best sound that helps us wake up in the morning and makes us feel refreshed after a long deep sleep. Some birds are so special that they are gifted with a soulful voice that would put any famous singer to shame. One such bird would the Nightingale, which is practically known as the songbird.
  • Voice of trees shaking with wind – How often do you take a break from your busy life to and take time to focus the nature around us? When the wind blows it impacts everything in its way along with trees. The leaves on the tree make a rustling sound that is very soothing and calming to listen.
  • Sound of insects at night – This sound will be enjoyed more by the people who prefer to be night owls than being a morning rooster. Some people like staying up late at night and then probably even have heard some crickets or cicadas making a sound. Its a loud noise but if pause your life and look the stars and calm yourself, this sound can make wonderful background music.

These are some special nature sounds that hear very commonly but never pat full attention to. If you exercise daily or perform Yoga, you can do it while keeping your ears at these nature sounds. It will only make your mind more focusing and peaceful.