Effective communication plays a crucial role in addressing behavioral issues in growing, arrogant children. Arrogance is due to a lack of understanding and emotional development. And so it becomes important for parents to promote open, empathetic ways of communication.

The very first thing is active listening. It plays an essential role. Help your child be open and comfortable expressing their thoughts without having a fear of judgment or misunderstanding. With the help of active listening, parents can know the reason behind their child’s arrogance, for example, insecurity, lack of attention, etc.

The next step is to set clear expectations and boundaries. Let your child know the harmful consequences of their arrogance through calm and soft communication. Also, make them understand the importance of giving respect to others.

Rather than opting for harsh methods, be the role model for your child. Let your children learn through example. Show them to have humility and empathy through effective communication. Your behavior can profoundly have an impact on their behavior.

In conclusion, fosters self-esteem and self-awareness. Rather than scolding your child, help them develop a healthy sense of self-worth through praise and encouragement. And also teach them to recognize the feelings and needs of others as well.