Food is the greatest source of nutrition, vitamins, energy, etc., which helps the human body to be better and healthier. However, you feel low energy even after your daily food intake, so it’s time to include superfoods in your diet. Before we share the list, first understand what a superfood is. Superfood is the term used for food that has the maximum amount of nutritional benefits and calories. Below is the list of some superfoods.

1) Amla: Loaded with Vitamin C, it is a superfood that acts as an anti-aging and immunity-boosting source. You can include them in your daily diet for eating alternate days.

2) Ghee: Many don’t consume considering it as fatty food. However, Ghee contains good fats. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this can be a great energy source. It also reduces glycemia.

3) Ragi: It is a gluten-free protein with lots of fibers and amino acids. Along with that, it is also a rich source of iron, vitamin B, and folic acid.

4) Walnuts: It has a wide range of important nutrients like potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium, which helps in overall nutritional benefits.

5) Turmeric: This acts as a detoxification agent in the body and also prohibits bacteria. It is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system.

6) Fruits: Fruits like Beetroot, Jackfruit, Banana, and Coconut all have their own benefits, which help the human body in various ways to make it better and healthier.