Even though we may not be showing outward indications of stress, cortisol, the stress hormone, has a long-term negative impact on our physical and mental health. Even if we aren’t feeling extremely nervous, it’s still necessary to set aside time to relax and create some calm in our life.

Here are 5 ideas to help you relax and make your

1. Schedule a meditation session.
Both the mind and the body benefit from meditation in a variety of ways. A lot of individuals give it a go once or twice but find it difficult to establish it as a regular habit since it is deceptively difficult.

2. Give thanks in mind
When we are dealing with a number of difficulties, it can be simple to develop tunnel vision and concentrate only on what is going wrong, oblivious to what is going right. A balanced perspective on our daily experience may be restored by even taking the time to list only three things each day for which we are thankful.

3. Observe your own judgments.
The harshest criticisms we encounter are frequently self-inflicted, despite the fact that many of us fear criticism from others. Pay attention to your thought patterns and take note when your inner critic rears its ugly head because nothing clogs and stresses the mind like internal self-judgments.

4.Engage in self-compassion
We can engage in self-compassion practice once we are able to recognize our self-judgments and criticisms as they are occurring. This entails accepting reality and treating oneself with the same compassion one would show a close friend who was experiencing a similar circumstance.

5.Keep your thoughts and beliefs about yourself negatively at bay.
Although we can put ourselves at a distance from them, we can’t always prevent ourselves from engaging in negative self-talk and beliefs.

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