It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of BB ki Vines if you’re a young Indian with access to the internet. Bhuvan Bam is a YouTuber, composer, stage performer, and all-around nice guy.

Here are some best quotes and lines from Bhuvan Bam

1. “Bohat naseeb waalo ko pehle haar milti hai….safalta ki asli qadar usi ko hoti hai Jo pehle haar dekh chuka hota hai.” –Bhuvan Bam

2. “Be grateful for what you don’t have. Agar wo bhi mil jaayega toh jiyoge kiske liye?-Bhuvan Bam

3. “Har achievement ka apna swaad hota hai.” -Bhuvan Bam

4. “Jo kal tumhe milne waala hai, Woh aaj se behtar hai.” –Bhuvan Bam

5. “If you are planning to quit on your dreams today, re-think! Today might be your chance, or maybe tomorrow. Just don’t quit. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.” -Bhuvan Bam

6. “I always look for opportunities where I can prove my mettle as a versatile artist.” -Bhuvan Bam

7. “Aapke jeevan mein bohat kam log aapka dil se khayal rakhengey, baaki sab apna matlab rakhengey” -Bhuvan Bam

8. “Don’t be dependent on anyone. Not everyone is going to support your idea, if you have one, work it on your own.” -Bhuvan Bam

9. “Every day I learn thousands of things.” –Bhuvan Bam

10. “Keep a check on your children, but do not force them to do something you wanted to do, or what you wish them to be. Be frank with them, know their interests and promote that too.” – Bhuvan Bam

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