There is no gain without pain, but if spending hours in the gym isn’t in your plans to lose weight, there are some non-painful options. Diet is responsible for 80% of weight loss, with exercise accounting for only 20% of the total. Exercise does not have to be uncomfortable.

Here are 5 ways to reduce weight without pain

1. Brisk walking/ cycling

Cycling, running, and brisk walking improves blood flow throughout the body and oxygen flow via the skin cells, which aids in fat burning. This is the best sort of cardio you can perform without getting hurt or causing a mess.

2. Reduce snacking

Snacking frequently elevates insulin levels in the body, and too many insulin spikes throughout the day might lead to the formation of new fat cells. Limit your snacking to only twice a day and avoid high-calorie foods.

Choose healthy snacks such as apples and nuts like almonds, walnuts, or peanuts.

3. Refined sugar should be avoided at all costs

Refined sugar is your worst enemy when it comes to weight loss. Sugar that has been refined adds an excessive quantity of calories to your diet while providing no nutritional value. You’ll notice a difference in your skin, weight, and overall health if you cut less on refined sugar.

4. Increase fiber intake

Soluble fiber binds to water to form a gel-like substance that inhibits the absorption of digested food into the intestine. Fiber also aids in the reduction of appetite by controlling the synthesis of the hunger hormone.

Fiber does not raise insulin levels thereby lowering the risk of additional calories being deposited as fat in the body.

5. Portion Control

Instead of eating from a plate, eat from a bowl to keep your calorie intake under control at all times. When you eat from small plates or bowls, you tend to eat less, which prevents you from eating more than you require.

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