Ranveer Singh is noted for his outstanding acting abilities and boundless energy. The actor is a screen stunner who is not just a fantastic performer but also a maverick intellect who is constantly pushing boundaries. Being an outsider, Ranveer Singh has established himself as one of the best actors in the film industry.

1. “I am a living example that lack of conventional good looks shouldn’t hinder you from being awesome.” – Ranveer Singh

2. “I like to be present; I like to be in the now. The way life has shaped up, it is difficult, you know, with mobile phones taking you to another time and space all the time. So it’s always a battle to stay in the moment. But according to me, it’s a better way to be.” – Ranveer Singh

3. “After becoming famous, I’ve realized how overrated fame is. It gets in the way of normal life.” – Ranveer Singh

4. “I’m a happy person. Sometimes, I have to make a conscious effort to stay happy. See, my predispositions are – as opposed to what you see – I’m actually quite a sensitive person, very empathetic, very emotional… Very impulsive.” – Ranveer Singh

5. “I treat all women with the utmost respect both professionally and personally and would never do anything to disrespect them.” – Ranveer Singh

6. “I don’t do anything just for the sake of it. I don’t live my life for the sake of it.” – Ranveer Singh

7. “I’ve learned that you shouldn’t take people seriously, whether they praise you or trash you.” – Ranveer Singh

8. “You will never win if you don’t deal with your work ethically. All that you need to do is to stick to your principles; morals are relative.” – Ranveer Singh

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