Infidelity is a tricky business. People cheat for a variety of reasons. Do you suspect your friend is having an affair?

Here are some signs that your partner might be cheating on you

1. More attention to you

This is related to the cheater’s guilt sentiments during the early phases of the affair. As the affair progresses, his interest will eventually fade.

2. Picks fights with you on a regular basis

This gives them an excuse to get enraged and storm out of the house, giving them the chance to meet their lover. Or even find this an excuse to pin everything on you and end the relationship.

3. Talks about leaving

When you fight or argue, they keep talking about your relationship ending. If your spouse makes statements that imply he wants to leave the relationship on a regular basis, it could be a hint that he or she has another lover to fall back on if yours ends. Be wary if your partner makes similar claims frequently.

4. Becomes irritable and cranky

When he or she is leaving you, he or she appears upbeat and excited, but when you are nearby, he or she appears sad and depressed. If your partner is having a long-term affair, he or she will make every effort to maintain both relationships. Any issues that the cheater has in one relationship can easily bleed over into the next. It is unavoidable.

5. Your interactions have lessened

You might find that you and your partner no longer engage in meaningful conversations. You reside in the same house but don’t talk to one other. He’s turned cold and indifferent to your sentiments.

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